Thin cutting blade mounting pay attention to what? It is a very important issue, which relates to the safety of the production process, just as we now explain. as follows:

First, before installing thin cutting discs, you must first check the cut sheet marks, logos unclear or unmarked wheel must be re-examination by the rotation, or easily confused.

Second, you must understand cutting thin pieces of wire-speed work, if the work line speed of 50m / s cut sheet attached to the work of the line speed 80m / s machine, it is easy to break.

Third, prior to installation, use a wooden hammer tapping cutting, if issued by the crisp sound, then cut thin slices of quality is qualified, otherwise it could indicate a crack in the wheel, the wheel can not be used.

Fourth, both sides caught in the flange, and its shape and size to be the same as the diameter of the flange is typically a resin sheet wheel cutting half the diameter of the inside have a concave groove in between the wheel flange and the end face to the mat a thickness of about 1 ~ 2mm elastic cardboard or leather, oil resistant rubber gasket, the gasket should have a diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the flange.

Fifth, should turn symmetrically tighten the flange screws, the clamping force evenly distributed, but not excessive force, otherwise the side of the fracture.

Six, cutting thin sheet is installed, it must be idle for a minute, this is done to detect the quality of the last cutting thin sheet. During idling, those quality problems like broken pieces of cut. Because this is work at high speed conditions, the fine must check before use, the installation must be firm and should be static balance adjustment in order to avoid personal and quality accidents.

These are cutting thin sheet at the time of installation should pay attention, and I hope you can help.